Risk Mitigation Fund

The LHP will provide the landlords with access to risk mitigation funding as available, at the time of tenant move-out, in the event the rental unit is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and the damages exceed the amount of the rental deposit.  The RMF may also be applied to outstanding balances remaining on the tenants ledger. The landlord may submit a request up to $2,500.00 in mitigation funding to LHP for damages incurred at move out or within the first two years of tenancy.

  • To access up to $2,500.00 in risk mitigation funding, the landlord agrees to:
    • Provide copy of move-in inspection * should be tethered with original incentive payment. *
    • Provide photos of the damages at the time of move out
    • Provide a current copy of the tenant ledger
    • Itemized breakdown of total cost requested
      • If costs exceed the $2,500.00 cap by $500.00 or more, the landlord may appeal the risk mitigation request for a new amount.

Existing LHP Landlord’s: Risk Mitigation Information

If you are an active LHP landlord whose LHP placed tenant who has vacated a unit and caused damages that exceed the rental deposit amount, please proceed for your risk mitigation payment.

  1. Prepare your documents
    1. Itemized Invoice of Damages
    2. Photos of damages (if applicable)
    3. Property W9
    4. UWA Check Request Form
    5. Optional ACH form
  2. Complete theĀ Risk Mitigation Fund Request.
    1. Upload the prepared documents onto the risk mitigation fund request as instructed.
      1. If you have questions or need 1:1 assistance call (906) 296-1453.
  3. You will be notified of request status if denied. Approved payments will be processed within 30 days or receipt.